Stay Strong

She was numb with pain. Even while hearing the news,she had felt panic. It didn't feel right, the fear and the anticipation. He told her she couldn't keep it. It wasn't hers to keep. Her heart was in denial, hated the thought of the separation. She was standing all alone, her near ones too busy... Continue Reading →


Tree of Dreams

So many dreams to choose from So many vistas Too many ideas squirm, Like becoming fashionistas Alas! They sold their dreams One by one In lieu of a roof with beams, The dreams were all gone. The castle in the air Was still there Waiting for the rightful heir, With fanfare. Until one day, They... Continue Reading →


Arya and Advait were companions on a journey. They were travelling on difficult paths. Some paths were uphill and some others were easier. Arya carried less luggage on the journey. Advait had more bags on his back to carry. Arya was taking shortcuts to reach up since he had less to carry. Advait was taking... Continue Reading →


Mukta was home for the holidays. It was great to be home after a long time. One aunt came to her and was asking her, "Mukta, you always tell me everything. Tell me now, how are you?" "Do you miss home when in Bangalore?" "Mavshi, Bangalore is my happy place. It has been so warm... Continue Reading →

Met my password

Met my password, met my favorite song I met him after quite a long He's so different now Unlike my memory's bough, On which he's raised Like a pedestal glazed. I remember him irking, And my laughing I was always so positive, with him around Was his presence the additive Or was I confound. He... Continue Reading →

Whose picture?

The colorful pictures hanging throughout the corridors was a pretty sight for the eyes. Nitya was putting up the other items and getting the gallery ready for the exhibition event which was going to be hosted there. Abhay was helping her with the adornments. "Nitya, isn't it beautiful to see your own creation put up... Continue Reading →

Crossing bridges

Gautam was about to fall. He looked down from the bone chilling height and could only see a large vacuum. The wooden bridge he was on, was dangling precariously. Any small mistake would have caused him to be lost in the abyss for ever. He dared not thing about it. With all deftness and understanding... Continue Reading →

Mr. Inspiration

Anya found inspiration everywhere. He met her walking on the streets of Goa playing his guitar, or he also met her in someone clicking beautiful pictures. Every person following their dream was inspiring her. That evening she was ecstatic, exploring Bangalore with her bestie. Mr. Inspiration had not knocked the door by that time. They... Continue Reading →

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