Midnight flights


In the dead of the night, one screech disturbed the tranquil of the village.

Mohan waited with bated breath to hear carefully if anyone was coming after him. He was done with this quiet village. Looking around, he took in the beautiful dawn once more before getting his single bag of possessions. Though he had loved the place he turned his back and started walking towards the bus stop.

He had made some blunders here. Some debts and some lost friendships were what he was taking with him. He had, had two choices. One was to face all consequences and one was to run away from the mess. This was the third village he was running away from. In the natural instincts of fight or flight, he always ended up choosing flight. He always kept one foot out of any door. The sleepy village was getting up one by one and he wondered if they would miss him. “Surely they won’t have anything nice to say about me”, he thought.

He soon reached the bus stop which was outside the village. The quaint tea shop next to it was empty at that hour. Though he wanted a cup of fresh tea, he would never step in that shop. He owed the owner some money and didn’t want to get caught fleeing, by anyone. A notice caught his attention all of a sudden. It said the tea shop required a new manager.

He stared hard at the sign for a long time from the bench across. “This is my chance to fight it out,” he thought. He still had doubts that he would be good at anything. The idea of fleeing was tempting and easy. It took him a great deal of strength to silence the inner voice asking him to board the bus and flee.

Instead, he walked calmly toward the shop and asked for a cup of tea.

Copyright © Apr 13, 2018, Ketki Joglekar

Image source: Pixabay


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