Crossing bridges


Gautam was about to fall.

He looked down from the bone chilling height and could only see a large vacuum. The wooden bridge he was on, was dangling precariously. Any small mistake would have caused him to be lost in the abyss for ever. He dared not thing about it. With all deftness and understanding he was putting one foot ahead of him.

A few steps ahead Radha was standing with her eyes closed, tears running down her cheeks. She wasn’t able to go any further,fear had gripped her.
Gautam carefully reached her and was able to convince her to walk towards safety. It required a lot of courage and coordination to get off the bridge together.
Radha turned to him and asked ” Gautam are you ready to do this every day with me?” Gautam was looking at her incredulously, wondering if she was serious..
Something rested heavily on his heart and he couldn’t breathe. He glanced down to see the white garland around his neck. They weren’t on the bridge anymore but sitting around the sacred fire. He wondered if he had dreamt the bridge. He also wondered about his answer. Would he have said yes..?
Only time would tell about their “happily ever after”

Copyright © Jun. 18, 2018, Ketki Joglekar

Image source: Pixabay


2 thoughts on “Crossing bridges

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  1. I read ‘Crossing bridges’ nice usage of metaphor of marriage with a bridge….its so connecting…
    Initially I thought it is something related to adventure of the guy….he might be trying to cross the bridge which he got on the way but later you tried to relate that with marriage that’s impressive….
    Keep writing further…


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