Whose picture?


The colorful pictures hanging throughout the corridors was a pretty sight for the eyes.

Nitya was putting up the other items and getting the gallery ready for the exhibition event which was going to be hosted there. Abhay was helping her with the adornments. “Nitya, isn’t it beautiful to see your own creation put up here?”, he said. “Definitely Abhay!” She replied.

Eventually the exhibition opened up for the public and people started to visit. One visitor appeared to be very keen on each detail of every picture. He was asking questions to all artists on their paintings.. The guy came up to Nitya and Abhay and after appreciating the paintings asked them , “What makes a good painting?” Nitya was the first one to answer. “It all depends on, whose rosy picture are you painting? Is it your own? Did you draw it.. or is it drawn by someone else and you’re just filling it up with colors?!”

“Yes, like the coloring book we used to color when we were small..” Abhay added. “Right, or did you dream the picture.. did it haunt you and then you marked it,drew it and are now coloring it with your choice of coloring medium?” said Nitya.

So many things depend on that.. whose picture is it?

Copyright © Jul. 03, 2018, Ketki Joglekar

Image source: Pixabay


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