Mukta was home for the holidays. It was great to be home after a long time.
One aunt came to her and was asking her, “Mukta, you always tell me everything. Tell me now, how are you?” “Do you miss home when in Bangalore?”
“Mavshi, Bangalore is my happy place. It has been so warm to me. AECS layout and it’s trees..it has trees everywhere
For foodies like me there is hopcoms and hot piping podi idlis or biryanis and orange ice-cream and much more.” said Mukta.

“Oh that is great my dear. I’m amazed to see how independent you have become”, said her aunt.
“Bangalore means freedom to me. It’s a very accepting city. No matter where you’re from, you will be at home here.” Mukta said.

No one asks if you’re happy. She always used to tell them.. She was happy. Though there was lot of work to be done. There were a lot of traffic issues.
For her, traffic delays were a good time to glance through the Volvo windows just to look at the lush trees or the blue skies..
While traveling down HAL road, the reflections of the trees on the windows were mesmerizing. The sunlight penetrating through the leaves would make a lovely painting.

Happiness was a rare commodity she had come to know. So be rich, be strong but find time to be happy.

P.S. – Komorebi means sunshine that filters through the leaves of trees.

Copyright © Oct. 17, 2018, Ketki Joglekar

Image source: Pixabay


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