Arya and Advait were companions on a journey. They were travelling on difficult paths. Some paths were uphill and some others were easier. Arya carried less luggage on the journey. Advait had more bags on his back to carry.

Arya was taking shortcuts to reach up since he had less to carry. Advait was taking the longer route.
Arya shouted out to Advait. “Hey, what all have you packed? Do you need all that stuff?” Advait thought to himself “He is right, do I need so many things on this journey?” Seeing Arya hop along the path in carefree glory, Advait thought of getting rid of some heavy goods on the way.
Though he wanted to, he could not throw away anything from his bags. He said, “I might just carry it till the top, it’s not that easy to let go of things.”
Eventually both of them reached the hilltop, when the sun was about to set on the horizon. The views were spectacular from there. The clear waterfall added to the glee.
After reaching Advait opened his backpack. He realised it held many unnecessary things. Those which he had not used during the journey and which had lost value since.

Towards the end of this journey of life, both had aged like a ripe mango. The difference between both of them was that Advait was carrying emotional baggage, which weighed him down.
Arya on the other hand was carefree and carried nothing. He had met his demons and made truce with his bad experiences. He was happier with his life.

Copyright ยฉ Jan. 28, 2019, Ketki Joglekar

Image source: Pixabay


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