Why is she so afraid? To stretch out her feet To touch the cool Water of the pool Why is she so afraid? Of the roller coaster The evil turns The stomach churns Is she still so afraid? Went out today Ditched the social class Ran barefeet on the grass Is she still so afraid?... Continue Reading →


Midnight flights

In the dead of the night, one screech disturbed the tranquil of the village. Mohan waited with bated breath to hear carefully if anyone was coming after him. He was done with this quiet village. Looking around, he took in the beautiful dawn once more before getting his single bag of possessions. Though he had... Continue Reading →

A Mother

"All lines in this route are busy." She heard this line on the call for the umpteenth time and flung it across the bed. She even thought of smashing the phone itself, but stopped. Her tear stained cheek was now contorted in anger. She was trying to contact her elder son. Her younger one was... Continue Reading →

Gujju che!

Recently, I had the good fortune of visiting Ahmedabad for my dear friend's wedding. Here are some thoughts on gujjus. There is probably a reason why Gujaratis are the best-known business people. Long back, two renowned people made Gujarat their home. One was Mr. M.K Gandhi and one was Mr. Muraliprasad/Krishna/Shri Krishna. Surprisingly, while the... Continue Reading →

Fish and chips.

He was jolted back to reality suddenly and his co-worker rudely interrupted his reverie. Right away he became acutely aware of his surroundings. The starched blue of the party event shone. Everything looked great, except that his heart was not in this corporate crux." Hi Dhruv, would you like some fish fry?" His irritating coworker... Continue Reading →

Le Bateau

The last time I saw you, was on a blue bateau Wearing pristine white you looked like dawn light. We sat and watched the sinking sun,arms linked I am still there, standing on our rock waiting for the clock To bring you back to me. Copyright © Nov. 07, 2017, Ketki Joglekar Image source: Pixabay


Life is all about experiences, one said. And certainly whether you are aware about it or not, life is giving you all sorts of varied experiences each moment. It is possible to categorise them too, some add value, many are glorious ones which stay put in your memory for a long time. Often some are... Continue Reading →

Live one day at a time.

Aastha and her beau Tanmay lived extremely busy lives, with not even a spare 10 minutes of leisure time available on their schedule. They lived in a posh conglomerate and pursued their life right through the tight schedule. Even weekends were always occupied with a number of friends taking up most of their times. They... Continue Reading →

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